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All Our Support Services Are Carried Out By Experienced and Qualified Caregivers

1. Home Health Service

happy senior woman on wheelchair with caregiverThis service is provided by our skilled medical staff and it requires physician’s orders since this service is reimbursed by Medicare and other private insurances.

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 2. Home Care service

This service is often referred to as Personal Care, Companion Care, Live-in Care, etc. This service does not require a physician’s order so anyone can call us to order it for themselves or their loved ones. It’s covered mostly by private pay, however, there are some insurances that cover this service as well. Our staff will work with you to find the best choice for you.
This service is provide by our Home Care Aides supervised by our Registered Nurses.

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Although, you may not have a ‘medical’ need, however, we provide a member of our medical staff (usually an RN or LPN) to assess your initial needs. This is important because, firstly, it helps us determine if there are any hidden medical conditions to attend to right away. Secondly, we proactively tackle any preventable medical conditions that may arise in the future. We take this proactive approach while our Home Care Aides are providing you non-medical care. There is no extra cost for this additional oversight to you. Just added comfort!

3. Supplemental Staffing Service

We offer a wide range of staffing services to acute and long-term care facilities, retirement residences and other institutions across central Pennsylvania. Our team of highly skilled health care providers is committed to providing safe and ethical care, and building authentic client-caregiver relationships that transmit trust, comfort, and friendship for all.

Our Staffing Solutions service is preferred by many organizations simply because:

  • We offer superior care to our clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • We promptly respond to our clients’ service requests and concerns.
  • We strive to be accommodating and flexible in order to provide the most appropriate response and care to our clients.
  • We conduct rigorous multi-stage screening of applicants, including vulnerable sector screening, medical clearances, employment history verification, education verification, and reference verification.
  • We personally interview and select qualified candidates who are committed to providing safe, competent, compassionate and ethical care to all concerned.
  • We provide ongoing support, training and professional development opportunities to our health care providers.
  • We promote learning and professional integrity and, ultimately, improve client care.

Our Supplemental Staffing services include:

  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (LPN)

We are committed to ensuring that all health care providers possess the required level of knowledge, skills and judgment in order to practice in a safe and ethical manner.

4. Personal Injury Care Service

If you have been involved in an automobile or work related accident then call us for your recovery at home.  You contact us directly or can even advise your attorney to contact us to set up a free consultation. Precision Health Care provides a full range of Post Accident services that are cost-effective and customized to help individuals recover fully and in a timely manner…. read more

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