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Personal Home Care

Our Personal Care Solution

Support for Activities of Daily Living

We provided support for the Elderly and Disabled to maintain a healthy and dignified life style in the comfort of their homes.  Our Personal Care services are customized for each individual according to their abilities and needs.

These services provide a better alternative to facility based biving such as Assisted Living, Senior homes or other senior living facilities.  Numerous studies have shown proper Personal Care support, at home, to be more effective in overall physical and emotional health of the elderly.  Weather it’s recovering from an injury, post hospital stay or simply maintaining a dignified and healther lifestyle – There’s No Place Like Home!

Our Personal Care Service

Eating or Feeding, Grooming (Hair Care, Shaving, Cleaning Teeth/Dentures; Makeup; Dressing) Hygiene (Tub, Bed or Sponge Baths; Showers; Toileting Activities), 

Mobilization (Turning, Lifts and Transfers, Exercising, Walking), as well as Monitoring of Vital Signs such as Blood Pressures, Pulse and Respiration; and much more.

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