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Nursing and Therapy

Home Health Aide – Caregiver

nurse helps elderly woman at breakfastWe provide our clients with a Caregiver that they will bond with.

Our Aides specialize in two main service areas

  • Home Health Care Service – Medical Care
  • Home Care Service – Personal Care

Depending on your needs, an appropriate Aide will be assigned that will have the necessary skill set to be the best fit.

They are there to help when you need them. Each Aide goes though regular in-house training to continuously improve and perfect their skills.  This allows our Aides to preform a wide verity of specialized skills for you in your home.

Home Health Care  

  • Aide comply with the strict Plan of Care established by the Registered Nurse and approved by your Primary Care Physician.  This type of service is usually paid by Medicare, if you have Medicare, or by private insurances.  Since the consumer does not pay for this service it is necessary to get the physician’s order to start this service.
  • This service is typically provided in conjunction with additional skilled services such as Nursing, Therapy, etc. that the Primary Care Physicians deems necessary.

 Personal Home Care Service  

  • These services include all activities of daily living for people in the comfort of their home.  Services like bathing, meal preparation, doctor’s appointment, companionship, etc are included in this type of service.
  • Another important reason to consider this type of care is to give yourself a break should you be the care provider for a loved one.
  • This service is usually paid for by the consumers directly or by the State of Pennsylvania should the consumer get approved for state funding – we can help guide you should you need us to explain how state funding works.

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