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Personal Injury Care

Post accident recovery at home

If you have been involved in an automobile or work related accident then call us for your recovery at home.  Precision Health Care provides a full range of cost-effective skilled care services to help individuals recover fully and in a timely manner.

Our initial visit will comprise of a full assessment of the injury and the best course for rehabilitation.  The initial assessment involves a Case Manager, Registered Nurse and reviewed by the Program Administrator.   The plan for rehabilitation (also called Plan of Care) will be customized for the individual and comprise of all the necessary skilled services needed for a full recovery.  This Plan of Care also takes under consideration the client’s surroundings, preferences and resources available to the client.

Based on the Plan of Care as well as wants and needs of the individual, Precision will form a Recovery Team from its’ professional home care staff. The Precision Recovery Team will develop a plan of action that aggressively promotes the victim’s road to independence.

Precision Recovery Teams may include some or all of the following professionals:

In addition to providing support to auto accident victims, Precision Health Care also works with employees injured on the job in ensuring proper care and returning them back to work as healthy and quickly as possible.  A Registered Nurse/Certified Case Manager will complete an initial assessment of the injured employee and a Precision Recovery Team will be chosen based on the individual needs of the injured to provide the necessary care and support.

Communication with the Legal Team (if any), External Case Manager and/or Insurance company will be completed as requested.

Payment for Services

Depending on the type of injury sustained, our services are paid by Auto Insurance or Worker’s Comp.  Our staff will verify insurance coverage for you.

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