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Our Companion Care Solution

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We all need social interaction for a healthy life style.  Countless studies have shown social interaction to be healthful for seniors is many ways. Simply by increasing the number of social interactions seniors experience, you can enhance and enrich their senior years.

However, arranging for proper social interaction can be difficult for family members with seniors who cannot easily move around and may even be home bound.  However, it is important to note that social interaction is needed to improve:

  • Sense of Purpose and Belonging
  • Enhance Physical and Emotional Health
  • A Boost for Memory and Cognitive Functions

Our Approach to Companion Care

Each person is different which is why we design a comprehensive and customized Companion Care program for each individual separately.  This approach helps keep seniors engaged and active according to their individual needs and abilities.

Our Companion Care Program Includes

Conversation | Reading | Writing | Games | Crafts | Playing Cards | Walking | Planning | Cooking | Serving Meals | Baking for Holidays and Special Occasions | Assist with Entertaining | Escort to Appointments |

Visiting Friends & Neighbors | Shopping | Events | Plays | Religious Services | and much more…

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