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Personal Home Care

Our 24-Hour Care Solution

This service provides an individualized care plan for your loved ones. This service is utilized by seniors who want to continue to live at home and not in a facility. Seniors feel a better sense of worth at home and they do not have to go through the stress of moving to an unfamiliar environment.


Having Breakfast With the Caregiver

Services Provided Under Our 24 Hour Care



Compare Precision Health Care (PHC) Vs. Institutional Living

Services PHC Nursing Homes Assisted Living Facilities
Skilled Staff 1402700377_OK 1402700377_OK 1402700377_OK
Daily Activities 1402700377_OK 1402700377_OK
One-on-One Person Attention 1402700377_OK
Flexible Meal Schedule 1402700377_OK
Flexible Bath schedule 1402700377_OK
Medication Reminders 1402700377_OK 1402700377_OK 1402700377_OK
Reduced Risk of Contracting Illness 1402700377_OK
Easy Access for Family 1402700377_OK
Comfort of Being Home 1402700377_OK


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