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Nursing and Therapy

Skilled Nursing and Therapy Service

This service is provided by our clinical staff and comes under our Home Health Care services.  It requires physician’s orders since it is reimbursed by Medicare and other private insurances. Both Nursing and Therapy are the heart of Home Health Care services that we provide.

The Nursing and Therapy service includes the following skills:

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Some examples of our Home Health Care services include:

Cardio / Respiratory
Congestive Heart Failure
Dietary Education
Stroke Rehab
Oxygen therapy

Diabetes Management
Dietary Education
Insulin Administration
Foot Care
Medication Management

Wound Management
Wound Vacs
Pressure Ulcers
Stasis Ulcers
Surgical Wounds/drains
Diabetic Ulcers GI/GU

Joint replacements Rehab
Post-surgical management
Ambulatory Dysfunction

Maternal / NB Care
Fetal Monitoring Gestational
Diabetes Education
IV therapy

Additional Services
Pain Management
Infusion Therapy
Dietary Counseling
Medication Management/Education
Fall Risk Assessment
Fall Risk Management
Clinical Coordination with Social Workers
Clinical Coordination with Physicians
Home Care Assessment
Coordination with Home Care services

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