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Community Outreach Coordinator – Michele Linder

Hello there!

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is  Michele Linder and I am the new Community Outreach Coordinator at Precision Health Care. Like Precision Health Care, I was born and raised in Schuylkill County, making this a great fit for both of us. I graduated from Blue Mountain School District and spent the majority of my life working in health care. I have worked as a CNA for both Nursing homes and Staffing agencies along with working in clients’ homes as a Home Health Care Aide.

A few years ago I changed career paths, becoming a licensed Life and Health Insurance agent, working with businesses not just in this county but throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Within one year I was promoted to a field trainer and several months later promoted into a management role. I loved the challenge this position brought with it. I was exposed to a completely new aspect of the healthcare industry. My experience in the insurance industry opened my eyes to the never ending demand of families needing care – the right care at the right time.  It also, unfortunately, exposed me to what happens when the proper care is not provided at the right time. My true passion and calling is helping others. Being a caregiver at heart, feeling the frustration of not being able to directly help these families in their homes, I had to get back to doing what I love doing – so back to healthcare field I came! This time armed with more knowledge and experience I acquired along the way.

Over the past twenty years I have personally dealt with serious medical conditions within my own family.  Being the only family member with a medical background made me the go to person. My daughter was diagnosed with a very complicated autoimmune disease 14 years ago which has led her to numerous life threatening issues.  My father has had too many heart attacks to count as well as being a cancer survivor. So, I know first hand, just how invaluable our services are, not just to our counties seniors, but to people of all ages. These life experiences give me a unique perspective in my new role at Precision Health Care.

I am excited to hit the ground running! Bringing increased awareness for not just the services we offer but to help attract quality talent to provide the highest quality care to the community we serve on a daily basis. It feels as if my life has come full circle as I’m now bumping into old friends I haven’t seen in many years. And looking forward to making many new friends along the way.

I’m excited to join Precision Health Care in this new and exciting role. I pride myself on my integrity and believe communication is the key in any type of relationship. I bring a positive, glass half full, attitude in all that I do and believe nothing is impossible with the right attitude and the right team supporting you. That is what you get with Precision Health Care – a team! We all work hard and work together to achieve the high standards for our clients and patients as well as the physicians and organizations that refer them.

I look forward to meeting and helping as many people as possible as our business grows and expands to new heights.

See you soon!

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